President Message

Welcome to the Scholastic Enterprise website.

Scholastic Enterprise, LLC (US) success extends beyond the expectations of its customers need   It starts to exchange and develop seamless working relationships through commodities platform and taking the time to do things right within stipulated timeframe.

The key element to our success that for whom we work and the people who work with us and for us. In the era of social media and excessive information bombardment certainly leading to provide instrument tool to create and develop business narrative in cost effective and reasonable profitability manners.

In this challenging environment we have established family business to achieve objective oriented goals by building a solid reputation in the Garments and growing Perishable material Industry. This will be ensuring that we are intensive on the finest tools and techniques of commodities suppliers, by using the finest products available and hiring the most qualified staff and craftsmen to meet our clients every demand. Our team is well trained and highly skilled believe and strive for Excellence in all our Business to deliver and maintain customer needs on following terms.

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Resilience
  • Motivated
  • Dedicated  

The expertise and wisdom from the past generations has taught us that we must provide the highest quality work. If you believe in the same quality principles of pride, respect, honesty, trust and integrity as we do and you would like to work with us, please visit our website and explore our products and opportunity to do business with us which suit for you.

Dr. Tariq Masood, MS.Eng, Ph.D (UK)


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